Our commitment, transparency and innovative approach to improving the lives of people in need.

The Honors Events is a leading charitable foundation in Central Ohio and Miami Valley. Our event has always maintained a philanthropic set of beliefs and values. Each year we recognize honorees for their great achievements in the work that they do
and to further our impact together. 

Reuel Barksdale

Jeremiah Barnes Bishop

Dr. George Barnett

Judge Laurel Beatty Blunt

Danielle Benson Robinson

Joy Bevens

Attorney Michael Bivens

Elsie Blount

Sonia Booker

Brian Brian Woods

Cheryl Brook

Sullivan Carlos

Judge Kimberly Cocroft

Angela Comelis Dawson

Mark Cumming Sr.

Karen Davis

Christian Dionisha

Gail Dudley

Rodney Dunigan

Al Edmundson

Rev. Yavis Els

Dr. Laura Espy-Bel

Lamont Evans

Rev. Tina Fleisher

Sheri-Lynn Flowers Wynn

IOTA Phi Theta Fraternity

Paulette Gentry

Shawna Gibbs

Judge James Green

John Gregory

Jenea Harvison

Dr. William Hicks II

Dr. William Hicks SE

Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham

Donetrius Hill

Jodi Howell

Ramani Hunter

Timothy J. Clarke

Deborah Jackson

Mike Jackson

Maurice James

Rick Jones

Helen Jones-Kelley

Gloria Kenley

Terence Kizer

Ron M. M. Jordan

Attorney Kia M. Wrice

Larry Mallory

Marshawn McCarrelli

Brandon McClain

Dee Miller

Senator Ray Miller

Rhonda Moore

Pastor Kenneth Moore Sr.

Jason Morton

Moss Moss

Dr. Cheryl Parchia

Dr. Myron Raney

Jerry Revish

Brian Rogers

Dr. Milton Ruffin

Sharon S. Gordon

Linda Slocum

Brenda Spencer

Attorney Bryan Steward

Minister TaNikka TaNikka Sheppard

Tracy Townsend

Crystal Tumer

Pricilla Tyson

Clarke W.

Rev. Ceylon Wise

Shannon Woods